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    What is ?

is a portal site dedicated to online gambling in its various forms. We provide information on various gambling-related topics, as well as offering our members a wide range of benefits - including the opportunity to win bonus money at online casinos.

is not an online casino but the site does have many games, competitions and activities that are available to members for free. Members can win points (which can be converted into casino bonuses), free casino money, and even cash.

What are the benefits of membership?

There are many benefits to be gained by becoming a member of . These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Play for free and win fantastic prizes, including free casino money (i.e. bonus deposits) and cash.
  • An active online community with busy forums.
  • Regular feature chats with industry "celebrities" and casino representatives.
  • Casino news, information, reviews and ratings.
  • A wide range of fun games and activities that are unique to .

How do I sign up for your membership?

Easy! Just submit our registration form.

Is A an online casino?

No. is a gambling portal.

What can I win here?

There are several types of prizes that you can win at . Most of them involve casino account bonuses or Points (which can be converted to casino bonuses), but there are also a few cash prizes.

What is a casino bonus / account bonus / bonus deposit?

Many online gambling sites offer incentives to people to encourage them to sign up and play.

Some of the casinos and other gambling sites that sponsor also offer bonuses that are available exclusively to our members. These bonuses can be claimed in a number of ways, including: winning a bonus on a game; converting Points into a bonus; taking advantage of special promotional deals. Some bonuses apply to members who open new accounts with particular casinos, other bonuses are available to members with existing accounts.

By actively participating in the various activities available on the site, members can potentially claim hundreds of dollars per month in bonuses - significantly extending their playing time.

What is a casino ID?

A casino ID (or casino account number) is provided to you by a casino when you register with that casino. It is the same number or ID that you use to log in to the casino.

How to convert automatically

  • Review the list of sponsoring casinos. Any that have a "Conversion" checkbox next to their name are participating in the Point conversion program.
  • Select the casino that you would like to convert with and make sure your casino ID is correctly entered in the box (see above).
  • Tick the Conversion checkbox next to the casino name, and click the "Save" button.

Now when your Points balance reaches or exceeds 2000, your points will automatically be converted into a bonus. A winning email will be sent to you and to the casino.

I've got plenty of Points - now what?

Some members like to accumulate Points for their own sake, like a "score". If you'd like to compete for the top spot then you are certainly welcome to try, however the real value of Points is that they can be converted into bonus money at online casinos and other gambling sites.

If you have a total of more than 2000 Points, you can trade them in for casino account bonuses.

How do I know if I won an auction?

All auction wins are notified by email. Also your most recent auction wins will be listed on the auction bidding page. If you won the bidding on an auction but did not get the winning email, you should download the casino from the sponsor links. Then send proof of your deposit to us explaining which auction bonus you are claiming.

How safe are the casinos you promote?

We only promote casinos and sportsbooks which we trust and believe will do the right thing by the people we send to them. However, we accept no responsibility or liability for any losses which may be incurred by anyone dealing with the casinos or sportsbooks we recommend. As with any online business you deal with, it is up to you to thoroughly check out a casino or sportsbook before opening an account with them.

How safe are my personal details and email address with you?

will not give or sell your personal information or email address to anyone. We value you as a customer and member and will not jeopardise the trust you have placed in us.

Please note that several of the competitions promoted on our site are on behalf of other businesses - when you enter a competition your entry may be lodged at another site. That site reserves the right to contact you at a later date if you have entered a competition with them, in order to provide you with information about updates to their site or special deals that they may be offering.


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